Vfinity V3 Max Diet and V1 Skinny Smoothie Weight Management Products

Complete Weight Management

Vfinity V3 Max  products promote a healthy balance while you lose weight to fully support your body with the nourishment and energy it needs when cutting calories. This synergistic 1-2-3 system allows you to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner greatly reducing your chances of rebounding after reaching your target weight. Each Vfinity product is formulated with high standards using highly innovative weight management science.

Dont starve yourself to lose weight! Give your body what it needs for long-term weight loss success with a complete weight management system that works!

Vfinity weight management products

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Learn More About Vfinity   V3 MAX?  Maximum Weight Loss Power !  Maximum Mood, Energy, and Appetite Control  Take Skinny to the Power of Three” Top Triple Action Support For Your Most Effective Weight Loss and Enhances Vitality and Stamina* Amps Up Your Metabolism* Helps Suppress Your Appetite*
We boast  superior, effective weight loss support with the triple action of V3 MAX. It goes beyond weight loss; V3 MAX will boost energy, revitalize mood, and help control appetite!* Experience the infinite power of V3 MAX. It’s time to take skinny to the power of three with this powerhouse blend of vitamins and unique ingredients to initiate total weight loss support. Take charge of your body and find out how good skinny feels!

V1 Skinny Smoothie

Vfinity Skinny Smoothie

Complete nutriton on the go with vitamins, muscle building protein, essential amino acids, and probiotics. Naturally boost energy while satisfying cravings. Excellent addition to your overall weight loss plan.

  • Improves Digestive Health*
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System*
  • Helps Maintain Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels That Are Already Within Normal Limits*
  • Detoxifies and Balances Your Body*
  • Provides Essential Protein For Energy and Development*
  • V1 Skinny Smoothie
    Complete Meal, Complete Nutrition, Complete Energy

    V1 Skinny Smoothie is one of the finest, top-of-the-line weight loss products with premium select ingredients known for their ancient nutritive properties. Its smooth, appealing vanilla cupcake flavor makes weight loss fun! Plus, its an easy, convenient, delicious meal replacement to help you jump-start your morning!    Skinny As Easy As 1-2-3 for the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation- The VSkinny Pak is your opportunity to achieve lasting weight loss with the worlds premiere weight loss solution.  V1 Skinny Smoothie  Weight Wellness Meal Support*  V2 Skinny Greens  Natures Super Foods* V3 MAX  Maximum Energy, Mood, and Appetite Control*

  • http://alternativehealthsuperstore.com/documents/voyager-v1-benefits.pdf 


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V2 Skinny Greens

V2 Skinny Greens Super Foods

It�s easy to get your complete servings of 3-5 fruits and vegetables each day. With V2 Skinny Greens, it�s like putting an entire salad and more in a glass!

  • Lower Your Cravings*
  • Promotes Digestive Health*
  • Inhibits Fat Storage*
  • Nourishes Your Body With The Finest Herbal Extracts*
  • Detoxify, Alkalize, and Cleanse For Optimal Balance*


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Vfinity V3 Max for mood, energy, and appetite control

Maximum appetite suppression along with maximum energy and mood support. Formulated with the best ingredients for maximum weight loss and energy.*

  • Enhances Vitality and Stamina*
  • Amps Up Your Metabolism*
  • Helps Suppress Your Appetite*

Vfinity's V3 MAX is an effective tool in your arsenal to help you achieve a healthy, vigorous lifestyle bursting with infinite possibilities. Lift your energy and mood to a whole NEW level. You can achieve MAXIMUM weight loss success with the total control of V3 MAX. It�s simple, effective, lasting weight loss that puts you back in charge!*

Take Control Of Your Health
V3 MAX is a blend of superior, prime ingredients to energize you to accomplish your daily exercise routine. V3 MAX stimulates the neurotransmitters in your brain to improve your outlook and sharpen your focus.*

Think of it as weight loss and energy accelerated! Take control of your appetite instead of letting your appetite control you! Combine a healthy diet and regular exercise with V3 MAX for infinite support on your weight loss journey.*


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VSkinny Pak

Vfinity VSkinny Pak total lifestyle transformation system

A total lifestyle transformation system � all 3 products that work synergistically to offer full dieting support.

  • V1 Skinny Smoothie � Weight Wellness Meal Support*
  • V2 Skinny Greens � Nature�s Super Foods
  • V3 MAX � Maximum Energy, Mood, and Appetite Control*


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